What is the Perfect Age for Invisalign?

Age of Invisalign

Braces, such as Invisalign, come with many questions and concerns—one of which being about when to actually get braces for the best results. But there is no single right answer to this question, since no two mouths are the same. There are many personal health factors to consider when deciding when to begin an Invisalign program. From general tooth development, to overall oral health, all braces are unique to their wearer. Yet, there are a few things to keep in mind for knowing when the best time for your Invisalign or other braces program to begin.

-Beware of Baby Teeth & Overly Early Starts

No matter what kind of braces are put onto baby teeth, a child’s first set of teeth are going to fall out, and a new set will emerge. An early start of orthodontic correction is not always the best option. Do not start a treatment until your child has lost all of his or her primary teeth, and once the 12-year molars are all at least partially erupted. The best thing to do—as recommended by the American Association of Orthodontics—is to schedule an evaluation appointment for kids at the age of 7years to determine the most ideal time to start treatment.

–Take Care of Additional Oral Health Concerns for the Most Effective Results

It is important to wait for adult teeth to come in before making good use of braces. Teeth could come in before baby teeth fall out, a new set can often grow in crookedly, or some other oral health concern can prevent braces from working effectively. To make the most out of an Invisalign program, take care of these oral health concerns before beginning brace wear.

-Remember that Every Individual Patient is Unique

No two mouths are the same. When it comes down to it, the best time to get Invisalign braces will vary from patient to patient. From the stage of tooth development, to the correcting of additional health concerns, such as needed extractions before applying brace-wear, perfect timing for Invisalign varies with each individual patient. Every mouth is unique!

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