Tips to Remember Your Retainer

Remembering Your Retainer

If you are having difficulty remembering to wear your retainer, Gutierrez Orthodontics is here to help you set the routine to do so. The following tips on how to remember to wear your retainer are great ways to get into the proper habit of retainer wear. Not properly wearing a necessary retainer can result in the shifting of teeth and painful discomfort as a result.

1. Use the Case, as Not to Lose Your Retainer

If you lose your retainer then there is no wearing it at all, right? One of the most important things to do for remembering to wear your retainer is to keep track of it. Utilize a clean retainer case that you make a specific place for, whether you keep it in your bag, bathroom, nightstand, et cetera… Ensure that the retainer case and the retainer itself remain clean. Proper cleaning is much more appealing—no mouth wants a dirty retainer in it. Also make sure that the location of your well-protected and clean retainer is in a place that you pass, or go to often, as not to lose or forget about it.

2. Make Notes & Reminders along the Route of Your Daily Routine

Written notes to yourself that are placed along the path of your daily routine can help establish a routine for wearing your retainer. Alarm reinforcement, such as on a cell phone you probably carry around, is also an effective way to remind yourself to wear your retainer. Set alarms on your phone to periodically go off during the day—such as an hour after your regular meal times. Also ask loved ones to remind you until you build up the habit.

4. Inform Yourself of What Can Occur When Retainers go Un-Worn

Research what can happen when you do not properly wear your retainer. Shifting, for instance, will occur if your retainer is not properly worn. This undoes orthodontic straightening work, and can cause much discomfort for the non-wearer.

Getting into the habit, sooner rather than later, of wearing your retainer is the best thing you can do for remembering to wear your retainer. Start the good habit now and getting yourself to wear your retainer will no longer seem like a chore, but rather like a necessary part of your daily routine. Contact us at Gutierrez Orthodontics today for more information on retainer wear and additional information.

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