The Benefits of Damon Braces vs. Traditional Braces

Damon Braces Vs. Traditional Braces

Many teens and adults use orthodontic appliances like braces to straighten their teeth. They are often resigned to the fact that they may have to wear traditional braces for several years, that they’ll be noticeable, and that it may be uncomfortable to wear them. If you’d like clear, comfortable braces, then consider the Damon System.

Damon Braces:

  • Are self-ligating. These kinds of braces work by using a bracket and wires instead of ligatures or O-rings. That means that it’s easy for your orthodontist and his staff to change and that you won’t feel the pressure that normally comes from wearing metal braces.
  • Are comfortable to wear. Just because you’re wearing braces doesn’t mean that you can’t be comfortable. Damon braces don’t use the elastic ties like metal braces, and so that don’t have the kind of friction that traditional braces can cause.
  • Are clear. These braces are not only more comfortable in your mouth, they’re also virtually invisible! Teens and adults alike love to smile with these braces on because they know how clear the braces appear.
  • Can move teeth quickly. Using light, continuous force, the Damon System allows the memory-shaped wires to move easily within the brackets. Many orthodontists prefer to use Damon Braces since this revolutionary system it moves teeth more quickly into the proper position.

You’ll also be at your orthodontist’s office less. Damon Braces don’t need periodic tightening like metal braces, plus the treatment time is usually faster.

Traditional Braces: How Are They Different from Damon Braces?

Traditional braces have improved a great deal from just twenty years ago. They are made with stronger, lighter material and can straighten your teeth just as the Damon Clear System Braces do. The difference is that they use elastic ties that position the wire in the brace. (The Damon System’s wire passes through the bracket.) This means that traditional braces can become uncomfortable at times due to the friction between the bracket, wires, and ties. If you’d like a more comfortable fit, then consider the Damon System.

Guitiérrez Orthodontics offers Damon Braces System orthodontic services to both teens and adults in the Tampa area. If you think you’d be a good candidate for these braces (and most teens and adults are), then give us a call. We can arrange a consultation and get you started on the road to a wonderful smile.

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