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Summer is one of the best times for you and your family to take the first step toward grinning with flawlessly straight smiles. For kids especially, summer braces give kids a chance to get a jump start on achieving straight teeth before the new school year even begins. And at Gutierrez Orthodontics, our reputable services deliver only the finest of smiles and perfection, no matter the method of braces you choose. Finish your summer with the start of straight teeth, for a smile that is bright and healthy every season.

Traditional Wire Braces

Wire braces are normally worn by kids and teens, to assist in tooth and bite alignment. This traditional method makes use of strong and weightless stainless steel, as well as brackets and elastics to reposition teeth and off bites. Yet new materials, such as ceramic and clear plastics, are equally as effective and aesthetically more pleasing.

Self-Ligating & Plastic Aligner Options

Self-ligating and plastic aligner braces are attractive alternatives over standard metal or ceramic material braces. Self-ligating braces incorporate tieless brackets, which eliminate the need for uncomfortable brace-tightening appointments. Clear plastic aligners also eliminate such appointments, but this method also enables the wearer to remove the aligners for ultimate ease of eating, drinking, and cleaning. Both of these options of braces are the best methods to use for keeping your orthodontic services inconspicuous, for they appear nearly invisible.

Worth While Results

No matter the method of braces you choose, the result will be much worth the while. Having properly aligned teeth and bite are not only about having a nice looking grin and clear speech– though these are a plus. A straight smile is also about achieving the utmost dental health, such as eliminating bacteria filled areas between overlapping or crooked teeth.

At Gutierrez Orthodontics of Tampa, we make sure to deliver the finest of smiles to all of our patients. Visit our Facebook page for more information about our smile perfecting services, or call to schedule an appointment today! Make this summer the beginning of a new smile, for a new you that is filled with grinning confidence.

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