Orthodontic Tips for Kids

Orthdontic Tips for Children

A grinning, chuckling child always warms the heart. When kids laugh and smile, it symbolizes genuine happiness and even good dental health. Keeping yourself and your child healthy and happy is imperative for maintaining proper health all around. Although it is often more simple for adults to keep up with health aspects such as orthodontic care, children have a more difficult time upholding their oral hygiene. Help to keep your kid grinning by assisting your child with these few simple tips from us at Gutierrez Orthodontics.

Basic Brushing

Brushing teeth and other areas of the mouth, such as the gum line and tongue, is one of the best ways to keep a healthy mouth and smile. When teeth are brushed, plaque, bacteria, and other particles are removed. Brushing with a small amount of toothpaste not only cleanses teeth, gums, and other parts of the mouth, it also provides for fresh breath.

Impeccable Timing

Ensure that proper brushing and flossing are done on a daily basis and for a long enough amount of time. Brushing for at least a minute and a half is key for ensuring that all areas of the mouth are brushed. If your child has braces, increase the brushing time by one minute to incorporate brushing the braces themselves as well.

Instructor Supervision

To adults, daily dental care is simply a regular routine. Yet, to children, daily dental care is a full-focus deserving task. Do not only inform your child of teeth brushing and other dental care tips. Also provide supervision and teach them how to improve their dental care tactics until you are certain that your child is performing each dental care step properly. Also make sure that your child is not swallowing any toothpaste, since it is quite toxic once ingested.

Providing your child with the above tips on maintaining good oral health will help keep your child smiling and healthy for years to come. Contact us at Gutierrez Orthodontics for more information on dental care for kids and adults.

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