Benefits of a Water-Pik Investment


Water-piks, also called oral irrigators, are fantastic tools for improving oral hygiene and maintaining good oral health. These inexpensive, compact devises help your teeth, gums, brace-wear and more, get as clean as possible. Whether a portable, battery-operated or an at-home outlet style model, all water-piks incorporate bursts of small yet powerful blasts of water, to cleanse even hard-to-get crevasses. At Gutiérrez Orthodontics of Tampa, our orthodontic services and advice help you to achieve your healthiest, finest smile possible.

Perfect for Cleaning Orthodontic Wear

Some brace-ware, such as traditional wire braces, make it quite difficult to properly clean your teeth and gums around braces. Combined with discomforts of sensitivity and the pressures put on while wearing braces in general, it can be extremely unpleasant to clean your teeth and orthodontic wear. Yet, incorporating the use of a water-pik can help you not only clean your smile, but also provide relief once built up debris is finally gone.

Add to Your Current Oral Hygiene Routine for Increased Cleanliness

Even if you have a good system of teeth cleaning in place, adding a water-pik to your routine can only better your oral hygiene results. A water-pik works to dislodge stuck-on food particles, bacteria, and other debris within your mouth. So when adding a water-pik to your oral hygiene regimen, your results of cleanliness will be superb. And depending on the individual, water-piks may work better than flossing altogether!

For Sensitive Smiles, Replace Flossing with the Use of a Water-pik

Water-piks are fantastic tools for pain-free cleansing—especially a water-pik device that has the ability to adjust water pressure. If you experience discomfort during or after flossing, switching to a water-pik may be in your best interest. Whether you experience bothersome sensitivity involving your teeth or gums, during or after flossing, water-piks can provide relief!

Contact Gutiérrez Orthodontics of Tampa to begin the journey toward achieving your finest smile. Call (813) 968-1611 today for more information on orthodontic services and hygiene advice! Dr. Alex Gutiérrez and his compassionate, skillful team help you achieve your best smile possible. From achieving your finest smile, to maintaining it, Gutiérrez Orthodontics is here for you!

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