Are Your Teeth Sensitive?

Orthodontic Care for Sensitive Teeth

Do your teeth ache when submerged in extreme hot or cold temperatures? Do some foods taste painfully sweet beyond enjoyment? If so, you are experiencing major tooth sensitivity. Though this is very common among a wide range of smiles, tooth sensitivity can easily become a heavy nuisance. This is why seeing dental care specialists, like the expert team at Gutiérréz Orthodontics, is so important. The best things to do for dealing with sensitivity issues is to figure out, with your dental care professional, pain triggers and how to avoid them, as well discovering the best pain relieving and preventative remedies for your own unique situation.

-Causes of Tooth Sensitivity

Discomforts from tooth sensitivity can be caused by several different variables, for many different reasons. From enamel wear of teeth due to simple age or grinding, to poor oral hygiene upkeep and possibly a deeper underlying problem, tooth sensitivity can often times be hard to pin point without a professional’s consultation. This is why discussing you oral health with your professional dental care provider is so important—so that you can not only find a treatment, but find the exact best treatment for you.

-Remedies & Preventative Measures for Over Sensitive Teeth

Figuring out the best remedy for your own particular level of tooth sensitivity and underlying issue, are some of the first steps to dealing with tooth sensitivity. Everyone’s mouth is unique, so associated issues will be unique as well. Someone with tooth pain caused by hot temperatures, for instance, will have different sensitivity triggers than someone else with extreme tooth sensitivity onset from cold temperatures. No matter what your case may be, discovering your own trigger will help you implement the correct remedies and precautions.

A routine of preventative measure is the next thing you want to implement for decreasing the occurrence and pain level of you tooth sensitivity. Simply doing things such as practicing trigger-food avoidance, and keeping up good oral hygiene will greatly take the edge off of you tooth sensitivity. Avoiding acidic foods and beverages, and using Sensodyne or similar products is a fantastic start to taking control of your mouth.

Contact Dr. Alex Gutiérréz of Gutierrez Orthodontist for more information on tooth pain and how to deal with it, as well as for additional advise on our services. Whether you are interested in traditional braces, Invisalign, a simple consultation, or otherwise our expert team is here to help you every step of the way. Not only will Gutiérréz Orthodontics leave your smile looking radiant, they will also leave you feeling better than ever about your smile.

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