CT (computed tomography) imaging has been used in the medical field for over 30 years, however, it is fast becoming the new diagnostic tool of choice for orthodontic analysis, diagnosis and treatment planning. One of the latest advancements in diagnostic technology is the revolutionary i-CAT® Cone Beam 3-D Imaging System. This three-dimensional CT technology can provide a full scan of the head faster than traditional two-dimensional imaging, allowing orthodontists a better visualization of the hard and soft tissues of the craniofacial structures from several perspectives. In addition to the advantages of traditional CT scans, the i-CAT® Cone Beam releases up to 90% less radiation than traditional X-ray machines, enhancing your safety while providing crisp, clear images for more efficient diagnostic analysis and treatment. These modern, cutting-edge techniques ensure you are receiving the quality care that you deserve.

The i-CAT® Cone Beam 3-D Imaging System can immediately produce three-dimensional images in less than one minute. This in-office, easy-to-use system provides us with a comprehensive view of all oral and maxillofacial structures, dramatically increasing the efficiency with which we are able diagnose your condition and plan for your treatment.

i-CAT® technology is used for:

  • TMJ assessment
  • Surgical planning
  • Assessment of cleft lip and palates
  • Assessment of the alveolar bone
  • Impacted tooth position
  • Facial analysis
  • Tongue size and posture

The i-CAT® Cone Beam 3-D Imaging System allows you to maximize your orthodontic treatment by:

  • Capturing all of your records in a single scan – Accurate 3D views analyze teeth, roots, TMJ, airway, and sinuses without magnification or distortion, capturing a complete workup in less than 10 seconds.
  • Understand Exact Tooth Position and Relationship of Anatomy – Allows for correct information to facilitate extraction and avoid exploratory surgery.
  • Maximum Clinical and Dose Control – Gathers more information in order to map the most effective, and least invasive, treatment plan for the best possible tooth realignment.

For more information regarding the i-CAT® to improve your orthodontic health, contact the experienced professionals at Gutiérrez Orthodontics. Our staff is there to answer your questions and provide more information about our services. We are committed to our patients and strive to provide high quality care to ensure your satisfaction with our services. If you live in Tampa, FL and are looking for an experienced and qualified dentist, contact our practice to schedule an appointment.

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