Braces are an orthodontic appliance used to gently position your teeth and your bite. The reason that orthodontic care through treatment with braces is so important is because you use your mouth, your bite and your teeth to speak and chew. A bite problem, as well as teeth that are left untreated, can eventually lead to serious oral problems. In just a year or two, braces can fix these issues and ensure that your mouth will be healthy now and in the future. The benefit of having straight, healthy teeth and gums can’t be overstated, and you’ll have a beautiful smile, too.

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Without braces, you may face serious dental issues in the future, including:

  • gum disease
  • tooth decay and loss
  • speech problems
  • chewing difficulties
  • jaw misalignment
Why Should I Get Braces?

Braces are used to fix common dental problems such as:

  • Underbite
  • Overbite
  • Crossbite
  • Open bite
  • Teeth with medium-to-large gaps
  • Teeth that are moderately crowded or very crowded

These problems can be solved for children, teens, and adults using metal or ceramic braces, as well as clear plastic aligners.

Braces That Fit Your Lifestyle

Lots of kids wear their braces with pride and use brightly colored elastics and brackets to show off their in-progress smile. Teenagers and adults, however, often prefer less noticeable treatments, such as clear braces or plastic aligners like Invisalign, which are removable and nearly invisible. You may be surprised to learn that every year, more and more adults want to either continue orthodontic care that was interrupted years ago or, would like to start wearing braces for the first time. The good news is that adults can wear many different types of braces and still get fantastic results. If you don’t want anyone to notice that your teeth are being adjusted, you have lots of great, effective options.

Types of Braces

Braces have been made of stainless steel for years, and traditional metal braces still are made of high-grade steel. However, newer materials like ceramic and plastic have proven to be just as effective—if not more effective—as stainless steel.

Options for braces include:

  • Traditional. These braces are made of strong, lightweight stainless steel and are usually worn by kids and teens.
  • Self-ligating. These nearly invisible braces are revolutionary. Using low-pressure, continuous force, they don’t need tightening and allow teeth to move comfortably. Plus, they are made of clear material—so they’re barely noticeable.
  • Plastic aligners. These are completely customized for individual patients. They are clear plastic aligners that fit over the teeth and are only removed to eat, drink, brush and floss. They are invisible, safe, and just as effective as traditional braces.

If you live in the Tampa area, Dr. Gutiérrez can review all available options for you or your child. Call his office today for your braces consultation.

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