Braces For Children

Children younger than 13 often need orthodontic care. We recommend that your child should be evaluated by an orthodontist for any problems by the time they turn eight years old. Early care can actually help lessen the time that it takes to straighten your child’s teeth and can even eliminate the need for more invasive treatments, including tooth extraction, as a teenager.

How Do I Know If My Child Needs Orthodontic Treatment?

Your family dentist is trained to recognize bite issues, and will most likely tell you that you should bring your child to an orthodontist for an evaluation. You should also bring your child to an orthodontist if he or she:

  • Has crowded teeth or blocked teeth
  • Sucks on his or her thumb all the time, even when older
  • Sometimes makes a popping sound in the jaw area when opening or closing his mouth
  • Has gapped teeth
  • Has an abnormal bite
  • Can’t chew hard foods
  • Loses her baby teeth earlier or later than normal
Why Should My Child Have Treatment When He’s Still So Young?

There are quite a few reasons why we suggest that children wear get early treatment, including expanders and braces.

  • It’s much easier to determine preventative treatment in children who have both baby and adult teeth.
  • Their rapid growth, coupled with early treatment, will help to ensure that your child’s mouth will be able to fit all of their teeth.
  • Earlier treatment can prevent additional dental problems as a teenager or even as an adult.
  • The most common treatment for children, called “two-phase treatment,” works with your child’s growth to widen their jawbone so that all of their adult teeth will fit, decreasing the possibility they’ll need to have baby teeth extracted.

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