Braces for Adults

Many of Dr. Gutiérrez’s patients are adults who are interested in completing previous orthodontic work or who have always wanted to improve their smile. We treat young, middle-aged, and senior adults—as people live longer, healthier lives, they want to be sure that their teeth are looking their best.

Adults and Orthodontics

The adults who come into our office choose braces or aligners for these reasons:

  • Their teeth have become gapped or crowded as they become older, and they would like to correct these issues for cosmetic reasons. Some adults who work in front of large groups of people or who speak to others one-of-one frequently for their job say that they would feel more confident with straighter teeth.
  • Over the years, they have developed a problem with their bite, and would like to correct it so that they can chew without pain or injury. (The inability to chew properly can lead to gastrointestinal issues.) Some adults also use braces to correct painful jaw problems.
  • Periodontal disease has loosened their teeth, and although their mouth is now healthy, they would like their teeth to be correctly positioned.

Adult Treatments

Adults are often looking for braces that are less noticeable, and they are more likely to have income that will pay for these treatments if they don’t have insurance that covers adult orthotics. We have many choices, including:

Tampa Adult Orthodontics

  • Clear aligners, like Invisalign and ClearCorrect. These are invisible and removable and are very popular with adults. They can be used with fillings, bridges, and other dental work that adults are likely to have.
  • Clear braces. The material for braces has been upgraded to different composites, including clear plastic, that is self-noticeable and is a good choice for adults.
  • Self-ligating braces. This choice is “tieless” or without elastic. It positions teeth more quickly that traditional metal braces and can be made with clear materials.
  • Metal braces. Today’s metal braces are less expensive and produce great results within 12 to 22 months.
I’ve had orthodontic treatment in the past. Can I still get treatment now?

Many of the adults who come into our office have already had braces as teenagers, but have returned because of several factors:

  • Their previous orthodontic care was incomplete, or they didn’t wear their retainer after getting their braces off.
  • They have lost teeth or their teeth have shifted over the years, and now they would like to improve their smile.
  • They are suffering from gum disease or bone loss and would like to use braces to correct the positioning of their teeth.

If you’re an adult who is considering braces, call Dr. Gutiérrez’s office today for a complimentary initial consultation. There are many choices available for you that will fit both your budget and your lifestyle.

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