What is a Smile Analysis? – Initial Orthodontic Consultation

Here is our philosophy and approach at Gutierrez Orthodontics:   A smile analysis of how your teeth, lips and facial structures could work harmoniously in order to get the ideal smile with a functional occlusion (byte). This analysis is usually conducted as follows;



First Appointment:   Initial Consultation

At the first appointment, the patient is invited to a comfortable and peaceful place and is asked about his/her problems, needs and expectations. Patient expectations are important as unreasonable expectations can lead to disappointment.   In this session, psychological assessment and character analysis of the patient is performed. The Orthodontist encourages the patient to talk so as to analyze the relationship between the teeth, jaws and face (the maxillo-facial relationship).   Photographs of intraoral,  extra oral and facial structures are taken as well as photographs of the patient’s smile and lip closure. 3D study models and a smile simulation maybe made.  Later teeth color of the patient is recorded, a panoramic film and cephalometric film of the patient’s teeth and jaws are taken to confirm and further evaluate clinical findings.

Presenting Treatment Options

by analyzing some personal and physical characteristics of the patient such as age, skin tone and facial structure, your Orthodontist is in a much better position to come up with an idea on how your teeth should be.   In this process, the acquired data is evaluated and treatment options are presented. Information about different treatment options and cost details are given including insurance benefits and payment options. The Orthodontist and the patient t can discuss the possible outcome of their smile in line with the patient’s expectations.

Treatment Plan

In this process, the most suitable treatment plan is confirmed with the patient. In fact, every Orthodontist wants to present the most suitable treatment plan to his/her patients but there may be some factors to restrict your Orthodontist such as cost and culture. Your Orthodontist explains how the final result of the treatment and esthetic arrangement will be all during your first visit when possible.

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