What Age is Best for My Child to Begin Orthodontic Care?

Orthodontic Care for Your Child

Kids are developing much faster now then in previous generations. This pattern is noticeable even in orthodontics; kids are getting braces earlier and earlier. From a parent’s perspective this can be a bit unnerving, in terms of figuring out when to begin orthodontic care. That’s why Gutiérrez Orthodontics is here for you and your child! The expertise that Dr. Gutiérrez brings to you and your child’s oral health provides superior oral health, confidence and peace of mind.

Do Not Compare Your Child’s Mouth to Others’

First, do not compare your child’s mouth to other kids’ smiles. Every child—from personality to teeth—are unique. One child’s mouth will greatly differ from another’s. Some children do not need braces at all, while other kids may need braces immediately. The best thing to do if you are uncertain about whether or not your child is in need of braces or other orthodontic services, is to consult a professional like that of Gutiérrez Orthodontics.

Take Notice to Warning Signs

Since your child’s actual age has little to do with when he or she should begin seeing an orthodontist, taking notice to warning signs is key. If your child’s adult teeth that are coming in seem to be overcrowded, for instance, this is a sign that your child may need orthodontic care. Also keep in mind that a 9-year-old child could have the dental age of a 13-year-old; it will depend on the individual. If adult teeth are showing too early this is also a warning sign to schedule a consultation.

Consultations Provide Clarity & Peace of Mind

Until you schedule an orthodontic consultation for your child, you will not know whether or not he or she will need braces. Setting up a consultation for your child, even if he or she still has baby teeth, is a good idea for both of you. Consultations provide peace of mind to parents, as well as a plan of action for kids. Your child may not be in need of brace yet, but (usually between the ages of seven and nine) an orthodontist will be able to predict a growth pattern.

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