Tips For a Tear Free Visit to the Orthodontist

How to Make Your Next Trip To Your Tampa Orthodontist Pain Free

Is your child reluctant to visit the orthodontist? Say no more. Your child will be in good hands when he or she steps through the door at Gutierrez Orthodontics. Here are a few ways you can ease the process by setting the stage for a positive experience.

Listen to your child

Often it really is that simple. You have no idea what your child is fearful of until you sit down and talk through their concerns and emotions. This gives you an opportunity to listen as your child shares feelings you might not have been aware of, and pinpoint why they feel anxious or nervous.

Keep it upbeat

Tampa Teen with Braces

Remember, your child looks to you and senses your emotions as he or she assesses anything new. The more positive you are, the easier it will be on them to take this new part of growing up in stride. By exuding confidence and positivity, your child will know there’s nothing to fear, and will enjoy the process.

Explain why oral health is important

Information is powerful stuff. So are routines. The more you incorporate good habits as far as brushing and flossing into your child’s day from the start, the more likely they’ll be to understand the importance of continuing their oral health. From that foundation, a healthy understanding of how Braces can help your child should help to ease any concerns they have.

Choose an orthodontist you can trust

At Gutierrez Orthodontics, we’ll welcome your child with a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. With a little prep work at home, and our experienced, fun staff ready in the office, your child will walk through the door and slip into the chair at ease.

Our staff members have been working with children for years, and we look forward to making your child’s next visit an enjoyable one. Schedule your child’s appointment for an orthodontic evaluation today and put any concerns behind you.

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