The Facts About Orthodontics by Mail

Orthodontics by Mail

It may sound convenient to use an orthodontic company that promises to straighten your teeth via mail. Companies like SmileDirectClub or SnapCorrect are just a few of the orthodontic companies out there who claim they can fix your smile through the mail. Before trusting your smile and the health of your teeth to a service like this, it is important to understand the facts about orthodontics by mail.

How does Orthodontic by Mail Work?

Orthodontics by MailDirect-to-consumer orthodontic companies make treatment for a straighter smile sound easy. They claim all you need to do is send them a selfie, a scan, or an impression of your teeth and they will make a pair of custom aligners for you. Once you receive the aligners in the mail, you will wear them for a few months and will get straighter teeth as a result.

Although this may sound like a hassle-free option, using a do-it-yourself orthodontic service comes with risks that could do irreversible damage to your teeth and gums.

Risks of Using a Do-it-Yourself Orthodontic Service

Although it may sound like an easy and convenient way to straighten your teeth, it may not be the safest. The American Dental Association passed a resolution to discourage patients from using orthodontic by mail providers due to the risk of harm that can come with this treatment. The American Association of Orthodontics also cautions against this type of treatment.

Orthodontists receive two to three years of specialized education beyond their education at dental school, becoming are specialists in aligning the bite and straightening teeth, whereas, many of the dentists associated with the orthodontics by mail companies do not have this specialized training.

Many of these companies also do not require an in-person examination or ongoing supervision provided by an orthodontist throughout their treatment. Without any examination of the teeth and their overall health, moving them could cause tooth loss, gum loss, or other irreversible damage.

Before straightening your teeth, you should visit an orthodontist to take care of any underlying gum infections, untreated cavities, or any other dental issues.

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