Soft Drinks and Braces – A combo to avoid

You probably already know that it’s important to be diligent about what you eat while undergoing orthodontic treatment. But did you know what you drink is equally important?

Soda and BracesSoft Drinks are harmful

The acidity and sugary qualities of soft drinks can soften your teeth through decalcification. What happens is the acidity draws calcium out of your tooth enamel. Your enamel will then wear away and dissolve, exposing the dentin, or inner layer of your tooth. To avoid acid eating away your enamel, drink water instead.

Sugary drinks can lead to plaque buildup

Acid, a byproduct of the bacteria in your mouth activated by plaque buildup, will stain your teeth. Too much plaque will cause gum disease, cavities, and bone loss.

Braces make plaque hard to remove

It’s important to be extra careful to remove plaque around your braces, otherwise you will have permanent stains on your teeth in the areas that are not covered by the braces. Make it easier on yourself and refrain from drinking soft drinks. It’s a small sacrifice that you will later be thankful for.

Invisalign wearers are not free from the dangers of soda either

You may think you’re safe if you wear Invisalign and can simply pop out the retainer to drink your beverages. Beware. The sugary residue left behind from drinking soft drinks can get trapped against your teeth when you put the aligners back in—unless you brush your teeth and rinse your aligners, but that’s not always possible. Otherwise, the bacteria will eat away at the sugars in the liquid, causing significant damage to your teeth—and quickly. You’re better off refraining from soft drinks altogether.

Desperate for a soft drink? Try this:

  • Use a straw
  • Drink, don’t sip
  • Rinse your mouth and brush (if possible) immediately

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