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Retainer Care

Orthodontic care does not stop once your braces are removed. After your orthodontic services are complete, it is important to both wear and take care of your new retainer. To be worn once your braces are removed, your retainer helps to prevent your teeth from shifting out of place. So unless you want to wear braces again, be sure to use, clean and properly care for your orthodontic retainer.

Prepare for the Handling of Your Retainer, Whether Wearing It or Not

If you are not wearing your retainer, it should be in the case. This is why it is a smart idea to always have your retainer case on hand, especially when going out to dinner, for coffee or to other outings which may require the removal of your retainer. Also remember to rinse out your mouth after eating, before re-inserting your retainer.

Maintain Regular Retainer Cleaning Care

Cleaning your retainer is crucial for proper hygiene and longevity of wear. Quickly soaking your retainer with diluted mouthwash, for instance, will go far in rinsing your retainer free from bacteria. Gently brushing your retainer will also help remove bacteria and other germ buildup. In turn, these cleaning care steps will leave your mouth fresh, your teeth properly aligned, and you fully confident.

Take Immediate Action with Lost or Damaged Retainers

Teeth can begin to shift quickly once out of the guard of a retainer. If you have lost your retainer, or if it is damaged or broken call Dr. Gutiérrez as soon as possible to have one refitted. The longer your retainer goes unworn, the more time and space your teeth have to shift.

Call Dr. Gutierrez for More Tips on Retainer Care!

Contact Dr. Alex Gutiérrez and his team at Gutiérrez Orthodontics for additional information on caring for your retainer, and other orthodontic care. Call (813) 968–1611 to reach either the North Tampa office of Dr. Gutiérrez at 1303 West Fletcher Avenue, or the South Tampa office on 3302 West Azeele Street to schedule your FREE consultation. The Gutiérrez Orthodontics team provides orthodontic services that result in nothing but each patient’s finest smile.

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