Health Benefits of Straight Teeth

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People who visit the orthodontist often say that they are getting treatment so that they can have a beautiful smile. While that’s a great reason for getting braces or Invisalign, there’s an even more compelling one: straightening your teeth will bring you considerable health benefits, too. Your overall oral health, digestive system, and speech are all affected by your teeth.


How Can Straight Teeth Help My Health?

The alignment of your teeth and jaw will affect:

·        Your chewing. Straight teeth will help you chew your food properly – chewing is the first part of the digestive process. Teeth that have under bites, overbites, or cross bites won’t align with the teeth on the opposite jaw, making it more difficult to chew everything.

·        Your molars. Your molars will wear unevenly if your teeth are not aligned. If this happens, after a few decades, you’ll find that you may have a lot of pain from chewing on the same two or three parts of your teeth for so long. Eventually, your enamel may start to wear away, leaving you open to cavities or nerve damage.


·        Your speech. The sounds that you form when you talk or sing is dependent on several parts of your mouth: the tongue, the roof and bottom or your mouth, and your teeth. If your teeth are crowded or have too much spacing between them, they can affect how you form sounds and words.


·        Your oral care. Teeth that are too close together will make it more difficult for you to properly brush and floss. Many times, food will become stuck in these crowded areas, making it likely that plaque will form. If the plaque is not brushed or flossed away, then tartar will form, introducing germs that cause gum inflammation and opening yourself up to more cavities.


·        Your digestion. Straight teeth help you to chew your food thoroughly. Often, people who can’t chew their food enough because of misaligned teeth can suffer from uncomfortable gastric distress.


If you or your child require orthodontic treatment, Gutierrez Orthodontics can help you make your smile beautiful and healthy. Whether you are going to wear braces, or you would like to try the clear, removable Invisalign or Invisalign Teen system, we have many options from which to choose. Dr. Gutierrez is Tampa’s most trusted Invisalign Orthodontist. Call us today to learn more about how straight teeth can lead to a healthy body.

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