Getting Through the Braces Countdown

Braces Countdown

The anticipation of a new, healthy smile can seem to last forever. From getting familiar with wearing braces, to patiently awaiting their removal and your new smile, the process itself can sometimes be frustrating. To ease the suspense, add a bit of fun to wearing braces by creating a braces countdown! There are many simple and entertaining things you can do to to not only remind you of when your new smile can shine, but to also help ease stress along the way toward a radiant smile.

Make a Visual Reminder of the Big Day

Be it a calendar, poster board, wall-hang, a paper-chain or similar, creating a visual reminder of when you are to be free of your braces can help keep you going. Crossing of days of a calendar, for instance, will provide a sense of accomplishment. By counting down visually, you can always feel one step closer to the day that you will be free of your braces.

Schedule Rewards for Yourself

Set times, in advanced, to treat yourself along the way of your journey with braces. So you’ve gone your first week wearing braces? Treat yourself to ice cream! Little rewards such as this will act as progress markers and self-encouragement (only adding to the confidence that your finest smile can bring)!

Find a Fellow Wearer of Braces

Anything is easier to get through with a friend by your side. You can vent about the irritants caused by your braces, talk about your pending new smiles, provide encouragement to keep going and comfort during times of discomfort. Try to find someone you can relate to, for making your braces experience even better and worth-while.

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