Getting the Most out of your Invisalign Treatment

Congratulations on your decision to go with Invisalign! Now, if you want to reach your end goal of a beautiful smile even quicker, consider our tips on how to wear and care for your aligners. These will ensure you get the most out of your orthodontic treatment.


Floss before re-inserting your aligners after eatingInvisalign Tampa


Because of the snug fit of those aligners, remnants of your last snack or meal that aren’t removing using floss will press against your teeth, making them susceptible to plaque and bacteria.

You’re lucky that you can remove your aligners to floss—as opposed to people wearing permanent metal braces—so don’t forget to take advantage of that perk.


Stay hydrated


You may find that your mouth produces extra saliva while wearing your aligners—that’s your body’s natural response to the foreign object and will subside.

However, remember to drink plenty of water so that you don’t become dehydrated. Also, the aligners will prevent saliva from doing its job of ridding your gums and teeth from bacteria—which is another reason to brush and floss before reinserting your aligners.


Your aligners only work if you wear them consistently


Wear your aligners for twenty-two hours a day. Only remove your aligners to eat and brush your teeth during the first two days of wearing a new set. Keeping to this schedule will help the aligners do their job more efficiently, which means less time you are under treatment.


Stick to the schedule.


Follow the treatment plan we lay out for you and you’ll be on your way to completing the work with tremendous results. There are no short cuts. For instance, don’t race ahead to a new a tray too soon.


Follow the care instructions.


Always use warm water and antibacterial soap—not toothpaste—to clean out the trays where you store your Invisalign aligners. We’re review all of this at the time of your appointment. Please call us if you ever have questions.


Be patient.


As with any treatment, there can be some pressure in the first day or so of wearing your new aligners. You will also speak differently. That is perfectly normal, and something you will adjust to. This is to be expected, and we like to remind everyone to have patience. You will notice this sensation less and less as you go, if you keep to the schedule we outline.

Bonus: You may be pleased to learn that often the nearly-there clear Invisalign aligners go unnoticed by others.


Have questions about the care and keeping of your teeth, gums, and Invisalign aligners or trays during orthodontic treatment? Don’t hesitate to call Gutierrez Orthodontics today.

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